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HEV Parking Spot:
Does Your Vehicle Deserve a Special Place to Park? Visitors to the WYC may have noticed that when construction was finished, a sign indicating “HEV PARKING ONLY” appeared in one of our spaces. What does this mean? Some cars are considered “High Efficiency Vehicles” or “Low Emissions Vehicles.” These cars are more fuel-efficient (or they don’t use traditional fuel at all!) and create less pollution. How do you know if your car qualifies? The American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy has a comprehensive and up to date list of high efficiency, low emissions vehicles, click here: A copy of this list is available for you to look at in the office. If your vehicle is on the list, ask a staff person at the WYC for our special permit card. Thanks for helping the WYC help our environment for our kids!

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Oct. 21-25

Monday: ASP

Tuesday: ASP, Swimming/Diving 6:30-7:15

Wednesday: ASP, Let ‘s Rip! 1:30-3:30, Music (ASP) 3:30-4:30

Gr. 1/2 Soccer, WES Fields, 5-6, Girls’ Volleyball 5:15-6:15

Thursday: Flow Yoga, WYC, 8:30-9:30am, ASP, Theater (ASP) 3:30-4:30

Swimming/Diving 6:30-7:`15 (last session)

Friday: ASP, Outing Club 3:30-5:45

Saturday: K Soccer, WES Fields, 9:15-10:15,

Girls’ Volleyball 10-11

Gr. 1/2 Soccer 10:15-11:15


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Soccer Note

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Youth Center soccer programs are sponsored, in part, by Bedard Brothers Chevrolet in Cheshire. THANK YOU!!!

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