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    Before School Program: 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Contact the Youth Center to register (online registration for this program is not available at this time).
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    2014 Fall Registration is here!

    Fall Programing includes:

    + Boys 1-2 Soccer
    + Girls 1-2 Soccer
    + Kindergarten Soccer
    + Girls 5-8 Volleyball
    + Grade 3-8 Tennis
    + Scratch - coming soon!
    + Chess - coming soon!
    + and more coming soon!

    Note: 2014-15 After-School Program available soon.

    Click here for Fall 2014 Program Registration.
  • News & Events

    August 18-August 22
    Camp Hours are 8-5:30 daily.

    Monday: Clubs, North Pond
    Tuesday: Open Activities,
    North Adams Movies
    Wednesday:Clubs, Cookout, Ultimate Frisbee (5:45)
    Thursday:Open Activities, Bousquet Water Slides/Mini Golf (10:30 departure.)
    Friday: Clubs, Margaret Lindley