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    Before School Program: 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Contact the Youth Center to register (online registration for this program is not available at this time).

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    2015 Spring Registration Here!

    + April Vacation (just added!)
    + April vacation soccer camp (just added!)
    + Swimming (just added!)
    + Track and Field (just added!)
    + Small group guitar lessons (just added!)
    + Lacrosse
    + Pick-up Soccer
    + Outing Club

    Click here for Spring registrations.
  • News & Events

    April 20-April 24
    Vacation Week!
    Monday: CLOSED
    Tuesday:Camp, 8:00-5:30
    Swimming, 6:30-7:15
    Wednesday: Camp, 8:00-5:30
    Thursday:Camp 8:00-5:30
    Swimming 6:30-7:15
    Friday: Camp 8:00-5:30